Stock Management and Delivery

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What does Freeshopy offer you?

Freeshopy allows you to manage in an extraordinary way all the products in your Stock e-commerce it offers you an efficiency, the clarity and the essential it is the speed in the use of all your functional needs as regards the management of your stock e-commerce, our platform gives you the hand to control and follow your deliveries with a very good level of security and reliability Freeshopy ensures the simplicity and the clarification of the use thanks to its great experience with user

Use of Stock Management

Freeshopy after a big study on the market Freeshopy has gathered the solutions of all that you will need at the level of management of your Stocks namely:

Visualization of products in stock

Updating Products in Stock

Order Management and Delivery

Freeshopy Ensures you a better Management it allows you to perform several operations namely to update all your orders you can:

Control orders

Track the status of the order

Ensure order delivery safely